For New or Existing Communities

  • Financing Plan:  Company-wide review of your existing business financing structure and recent trending financial results, together with clarifying your short and long term objectives in order to develop an overall strategy for the acquisition of capital.
  • Financing Request Package:  For specific financings, preparing all client materials to be “underwriter ready” is HFC’s goal in FRP preparation so that all potential questions are answered thoroughly up front.  This allows a lender’s underwriter to present the transaction to the loan review committee more quickly and with a greater probability of receiving loan approval.
  • Lender Search:  HFC knows that working to obtain competing loan offers yields the best results not only in terms of pricing, but also in the areas of deal structure, including covenants, and guarantees.  HFC works with multiple sources endeavoring to develop a minimum of three competing offers for each transaction.
  • Expertise in Specialized Financings:  HFC has extensive knowledge in HUD guaranteed, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae financings.  We represent your interests throughout the process ensuring reasonable escrows, fees and terms.

For Projects under Development or Repositioning

  • Project Development Business Plan:  for a plan to be feasible it needs to be financeable.  HFC delivers value during the earliest stages of project planning, focusing on the financial viability of the community to be constructed.  HFC reviews the market study, assists in negotiation of land purchase contracts, and provides assistance in assembling the development team.  Key players such as the General Contractor are underwritten to ensure they will be acceptable to lending sources.  HFC also collaborates in preparing the construction budget, providing the analysis necessary to determine the appropriate start-up operating deficits.
  • Lease to Purchase:  HFC is instrumental in negotiating lease-to-purchase and manage-to-purchase agreements.  We work with you to develop realistic budgets with an eye towards establishing the proper valuation for an acceptable purchase price.  This, in turn, ensures the property qualifies for competitive financing when acquisition loan offers are solicited.
  • Strategic Financing Plans for Partner Buy-Outs:  HFC has been instrumental in negotiating valuation of partnership interests and in developing financing plans satisfactory to all parties.  The strategic use of debt financing is critical in order to accomplish the “unwinding” of a partnership in a timely fashion, thereby establishing a solid financial foundation for your company subsequent to the partnership restructure.
  • Transfer of Physical Assets (“TPA”):  When deciding to purchase a facility with HUD guaranteed financing in place, HFC can assist you in navigating the HUD required Transfer of Physical Assets approval.  HFC’s involvement generally provides a lower cost alternative to the exclusive use of legal counsel for the entire process.