Why Choose HFC?

HFC acts as your “corporate finance department” for managing the numerous tasks required to reach the finish line of your financing.  We focus exclusively on the Senior Living and Senior Health Care industries.  HFC’s expertise consists of extensive experience in both underwriting and successfully closing senior living finance transactions.  As professionals in this industry we are dedicated to remaining current on all “cutting-edge” financing solutions.  Our objective is to match the proper financing structure with your unique requirements.  We manage and direct the progress of your project.  With our involvement, you benefit from the gathering of knowledgeable professionals in related fields: construction, architecture, accounting, law, title insurance, land surveying, and if necessary, healthcare facility management. Tasks are efficiently and effectively delegated and managed to ensure that schedules are met.  Transaction costs are controlled and accountability is enhanced.  These services empower our clients to acquire, negotiate and settle the most competitive financings currently available.  HFC’s effective shopping and negotiation of loan terms saves tremendous costs in both debt service and lender fees over the life of the loan.  Rather than being “debt-burdened”, your new capital structure launches your company into the future, resting upon a solid financial foundation.  Unnecessary financial covenants favoring the lender are avoided, over-reserving of cash oftentimes required by lenders is mitigated or eliminated, and personal guarantees are limited or reduced over time, if not eliminated entirely.  Your project is promoted professionally by HFC and the confidentiality of your business plan is maintained.  HFC provides access to financing sources from all existing lender categories:  (i) traditional and mortgage banking, (ii) government program lending such as HUD 232, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, (iii) private investors, and (iv) municipal finance.  Your project is marketed to a variety of financial institutions expediting underwriting, loan review and approval, with multiple loan offers for you to choose from.

  • HFC saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in both debt service payments and transactional fees.
  • HFC creates comprehensive, high quality project presentations that lead to lender confidence in you as a new and valued customer.
  • HFC maintains continuous access to the financial markets through sources which include traditional banks and non-bank lenders, REITs, Government Insured Mortgage programs and private sources of equity.  You receive the most up-to-date information on available financing strategies.
  • HFC has developed strategic alliances with a variety of complementary professional disciplines which are necessary to obtain financing:  insurance agents, appraisers, environmental engineers, land surveyors, title agents, lawyers, contractors and architects.  Our network of professionals allows cost savings on these services to be passed along to you.